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Live soccer Napoli tore Genk apart and will play in the semifinal

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Napoli`s team qualifies for the 1/8-finals in the Champions League after an easy 4-0 home win over Genk. The Italian team needed success to secure one of the first two places in Group E.

Arcadius Milik `erupted` with a hat trick for one half (2, 26 and 38-penalty). Dris Mertens scored another penalty in the 74th minute.

The match mentioned by contacts with live matches started with an early goal after a big mistake by the visitors. After 120 seconds of play, the ball was returned to goalkeeper Vandeworth, he was squeezed by two and mistaken. Arcadius Milik put his foot in the path of the orb and got the goal - 1-0. The Belgian team reacted and created a brilliant opportunity to hit.

Genk built a magnificent collective attack, the ball reached Paul Onuachu, who himself directed the goalkeeper past the near beam and cut a brilliant position. In the 26th, Giovanni di Lorenzo assisted Milik, who scored 2:0. In the 37th, the visitors` guard stumbled on Kayehon in the penalty area and Judge Junate Chucker awarded a penalty. By then Milik had scored from the 11 meters and formed his hat trick.

During the second half the hosts controlled things. The Belgian team`s attempts were not bold enough. In the 73rd minute, Nore played his hand in the penalty area and the referee awarded a penalty. This time Dris Mertens was behind the ball. And he did not go wrong and raise it to 4:0.

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