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Ex-defender of CSKA, and now the head coach of 2Drots Dmitry Kuznetsov spoke about the transition to the Spanish Espanyol.

- When we became champions (CSKA became the USSR football champion in 1991-approx. ), Two of us were taken away immediately - Korneev and Galyamin, and Mokh went with them, all in one club. They left in December and a month later, and I went with the national team to America and returned, we had a vacation.

We arrived in Moscow, they call me a day later that I need to come to the arena. They tell me: Korney broke down, the coach said to bring you to him. I say that I will not go, I did not rest, I am tired. And I also had a broken leg.

But I thought that I should go, there is good money, I`m tired of getting a penny, no prospects, nothing. I agreed and went to Spain. And when they did a medical examination, they told me: Your bone is falling off. I tell them that I only played for the national team.

They did not want to sign a contract with me, they said that I would stay for 14 games until the end of the season. Each entry on the field is 14 thousand dollars, I agreed, and the team was in last place. If the team does not fly out, then for each game another 14 thousand dollars.

I had one game prediction by partners of soccer live matches of 28 thousand. Can you imagine? I scored a goal against Atletico Madrid in the very first game, and the next morning they told me that they were signing a contract with me for three years. I stayed there, " Kuznetsov said.
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