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Live matches soccer Del Piero: Cristiano`s behavior does not fit his class

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Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero commented on the situation at the club, the appointment of Maurizio Sarri as coach and the behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo, who left the stadium before the end of the match with Milan angry after being replaced in the 55th minute.

`Leaving the stadium before the end of the game is not beautiful, it does not match forecast by partners of soccer live matches his class. This gesture was not positive, but more important is his behavior every day in training. Cristiano is a great professional and his teammates respect him a lot, commented Del Piero. `He scores fewer goals than in Spain, but every season is different. In Italy, too, he pays more attention to defense and tactical preparation. `

The former Juve captain said he wassurprised by Sarri`s choice: `I was surprised to find him deputy to Allegri, catin mind his past in Napoli. I was surprised by the way was ended so successful relationship with Allegri. Sary needs time. So far, his ideas are seen at certain times. `

Summer Matches De Licht is one of the most criticized players since the start of the season, but Del Piero is optimistic about his future: `I have faith in De Licht. He has made mistakes, but he has huge potential and with each passing game goes up. `.

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