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Live match football The third candidate for president of Barça excels with a loud speech

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A few days ago, the favorite in the presidential election in Barcelona, Joan Laporta, expressed readiness to attract Erling Holland, which was defined as an irresponsible statement by one of his opponents in the vote - Victor Font. According to the latter, the club is in crisis and cannot allocate money for such a transfer. Today, however, the third candidate - Tony Freisha, surpassed Laporte by claiming that he can take both the Borussia (Dortmund) striker and Kylian Mbappe. I promise to provide 250 million euros, which will come from an investor - Freisha told RAC-1. - They will be for two stars to make the difference - one in attack and one in defense. Of course, it is possible to attract both Holland and Mbappe. But I will not talk about specific names until we sign contracts, because it is possible that during the negotiations we will be blackmailed for higher amounts.

Laporte: Holland? I`m ready to play my cards

The message I want to send is that Barca will once again have a fighting team. I can even guarantee that we will be with the strongest team next season, added the 52-year-old Catalan lawyer.

However, Real Madrid is also interested in the goal scorers of Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain.

Freisha is also optimistic about the other important topic for the club mentioned by partners of soccer live matches - the possible stay of Lionel Messi. Leo is a tower like all of us, he is aware of the situation. I am convinced that he will wait until the presidential election before deciding on his future. Personally, I have not seen his famous contract, but it is a fact that there are people who do not want him to be here, said the candidate. The elections will be held on March 7.

The third candidate for president of Barça excels with a loud speech Live match football - more details and information: Live match football

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