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Match football live Klopp: Nobody has to worry about me, I`m full of energy

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has categorically denied rumors that he may leave the club predicted by contacts with live matches in the last two days because he feels tired. The German assured that he is full of energy and sees the complex situation in which the team finds itself as an interesting challenge. `I don`t need a break. The last thing I want to do is talk about personal things at a press conference. Everyone knows we have a difficult time and it`s not just the last three weeks, but for a long time. We always deal with this as a family.

Of course we are all influenced by what is happening around us, but no one should worry about me. I may not look very good because the weather isI don`t sleep much, but I`m full of energy. This situation is a challenge for me. I see it as an interesting challenge.

Many people are obviously not happy with the results. I understand it and I am 100% responsible for it. said Klopp. The German added that Nabi Keita has already recovered from his injury and is training with the team, but will not be included in the group for tomorrow`s match with RB Leipzig.

Klopp: Nobody has to worry about me, I`m full of energy Match football live - more details and information: Match football live

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