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The spectacular derby between Inter and Milan for the Italian Cup will be remembered not only by the dramatic victory of the Nerazzurri, which came with a goal in the 97th minute of Christian Eriksen, but also by the stormy scandal between Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The two almost fought at the end of the first half, and the Belgian was barely restrained by his teammates. The attackers touched their heads, and the media in Italy revealed that Ibra was the one who provoked his opponent. According to RAI and Sportmediaset, the former Swedish national told Lukaku: `Come on, go do your shitty voodoo, little donkey`, to which the Inter ram responded as follows: `Do you want to talk about my mother, you son of a bitch`, and Ibrahimovic also cursed.

The angry Lukaku continued to insult while the rest of Inter tried to restrain him, and Zlatan smiled ironically, which further angered his former teammate at Manchester United. `Stop grinning, ` Lukaku shouted, and Ibra invited him to continue their argument off the field. In the end, both received yellow cards from referee Paolo Valeri, and after the break Ibrahimovic was sent off, leaving Milan with one less man. Lukaku equalized from a penalty and started the turn.

After the match, Ibrahimovic apologized to his teammates in the locker room and denied insulting Lukaku on racist grounds. His mockery is related to an incident in 2018, when Lukaku was still wearing the Everton team. Caramel owner Farhad Moshiri then said the attacker had turned down an offer for a new contract because he had received a `voodoo message` sent by his mother. She attended a special ritual in Africa, where she received the message that her son should not stay in Everton, but sign with Chelsea. Lukaku himself later denied that Moshiri`s statement was true and threatened to sue. The Belgian did not move to Chelsea, but to Manchester United and for some time was a teammate with Ibrahimovic. The two have always shown respect for each other, and Lukaku even shared that training with Ibra is his most beautiful memory from the period of `Old Trafford`.

Already as an Inter player, after one of the Milan derbies, Lukaku identified himself as the new king of Milan and the media immediately speculated that his words were aimed at Ibrahimovic. In response, Ibra wrote: `Milan has never had a king, they have a GOD there. `Otherwise, Zlatan and Lukaku have 12 goals each since the beginning of the season in Serie `A`, and their teams are in the first two places in the standings and are expected to fight a fierce battle for the title, along with the champion Juventus.

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