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Soccer live match: Arsenal with dramatic win and turnover on game with Vitoria (Guimaraes) in Europe League

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Arsenal achieve a dramatic 3-2 success over Vitoria (Guimaraes) in Europa League with very difficult turnover during the game and great game play from new football player of Arsenal - Pepe.


0:1 Edwards (9)
1:1 Martinelli (32)
1:2 Duarte (37)
2:2 Pepe (80)
3:2 Pepe (81)

The Arsenal team continues without a fault and no losses till now in the Europa League. However, tonight, the team from London experienced great difficulty, defeating Vitoria (Guimaraes) with a dramatic win 3:2. This is because Emery`s selection was losing 10 minutes before end of match.

The meeting as a whole was difficult and tough for the favorites, who in the 9-th minute were scrapped by the Englishman in the ranks of the Portuguese club - Edwards. The good football player showed a large class in Arsenal`s penalty area and Martinez`s masterful shot and important goal was scored. That was quite different from football prediction for that game and even live match commentator was surprised.

The result was leveled in the 32-nd minute when Arsenal Europa League striker Gabriel Martinelli re-signed the European tournament. This time, he did so after assisting the new player - Kieran Tierney.

The Portugal team Vitoria, however, showed that the intentions of the Emirates team are very serious. In the 37th minute, a quick counter attack by the Iberians ended with a strike at Davidson`s beam. The broken ball fell into Duarte`s feet, which did not confuse his comfortable position and good goal was scored again.

The great drama of game in the capital of England, took place in the cherished 10 minutes of the European battle. The multimillion US Dollar French footballer - Nicolas Pepe first stood out with the artillery team after turning the game over with two straight free kicks. They proved impossible to rescue from Joao Miguel and thus saved the 100% point asset of Londoners. Another good win and prediction for that football match was successful.

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