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Matches football live Jorge Jesus: Maradona had a real passion for football, Messi did not

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Benfica head coach Jorge Jesus provoked a wave of comments in his own words about Lionel Messi. The specialist speaks emotionally about Diego Maradona, revealing how different a footballer he was and what a testament remains for everyone. Maradona was the best footballer in history, along with Pele. Maradona was the greatest, not only because of the genius and great player he was, but also because of the way he showed it. He was a top footballer, but he also had a real passion for football. He was born to be a footballer. It is not a product of work, it was just born that way. He loved the ball so much, he said.

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Jesus sparked comments when asked about the comparison between Don Diego and Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Now for the two best of our time. Cristiano has little of what Diego had. Messi has nothing to do. She doesn`t have that passion at all, he said. After the stormy reaction, Jesus clarified his words: Messi is a great footballer. However, we are talking about life and passion, about having a passion for the game, for football.

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