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Live match soccer Green light for US Open?

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It seems that a final decision has already been made whether the second Grand Slam tournament for the year on hard surface - US Open, will be held and it is yes. Sports Illustrated journalist John Wertheim said on Twitter that the players had been informed of the exact dates of the US Open and Roland Garros.

The US Open will start on August 31 and end on September 13, and the tournament will be held without spectators. The French Open starts very soon after the competition in the Big Apple. The qualifiers for the most prestigious clay race will be played between September 21st and 25th, and the main draw matches will start on September 27th. The tournament in Paris ends on October 11, and there will be spectators in the stands, but in limited quantities.

Half of the top 10 tennis players miss a big tournament before the US Open?

The final decision for the US Open is expected to be officially announced on August 3, but it seems that the tournament mentioned by partners of soccer live matches will be played, albeit in much more special circumstances, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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