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Matches live football Yannis: We fought all season, but in the end everything was taken away from us

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Milwaukee Bucks superstar Yannis Adetokumbo has expressed concern that his team has lost its home advantage in the NBA playoffs. As is known, the final via contacts with live matches phase of the season will be held without an audience in the halls of the entertainment complex `Disney World`.

`We are in a difficult position. I improved on my own for seven years, the team did not stop working all season to be in a position to go out and win the title. And then this position was taken away from us. It is difficult. . . It just feels bad. `, said Janis in an interview with Bleacher Report.

Milwaukee was the best team in the League before the campaign was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bucks had a record of 53 wins and 12 losses, while the leaders of the West LA Lakers recorded 49 wins and 14 losses. If the situation had remained the same until the end of the season, it meant that the `deer` would start all their playoff series at home, and the possible seventh matches would be held again in the `Fire Service Forum`.

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