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Live matches football Mourinho: I know what the future of Eriksen will be

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Tottenham`s manager Jose Mourinho said he knew what decision Christian Eriksen had made for his future, but would not reveal anything more until the player himself decided to speak. The Danes` contract expires at the end of the season. Today, Eriksen appeared in the second installment of Harry Winx, and he played a significant role in Della Ali`s assault, bringing Tottenham to a complete reversal against Brighton.

I know what his future will be like. I know because our communication is completely open, honest and based on mutual trust. All I can tell you is that I know what his future is, but I`m not the one to talk about it. He must do so when he decides. My feeling is that he wants to help us. That`s why I turn to him when I`m in trouble and need a player with his skills. His involvement was important today, `said Mourinho.

The Portuguese also revealed that a record-breaking purchase by Tangi Ndombel had wished he did not play against Brighton because he was afraid of receiving a new muscle injury, which he had suffered several times since the beginning. for the season.

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