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Football matches live Ralf Schumacher: A disciplined Raikkonen would have achieved more. Megatalent allowed him to win the title, despite his cheeky lifestyle

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Ralf Schumacher noted the extraordinary talent of Kimi Raikkonen.

Raikkonen won the title in 2007 and is still Ferrari`s last champion. Schumacher believes Kimi could have won more often if he had taken competition more seriously.

Although in my time there were fewer races [than now], towards the end of my career it became too much for me. We must remember that all life revolves around Formula 1-from the very morning until the moment you go to bed. Little time for family.

In addition, there are intense workouts. My brother [Michael Schumacher] took physical training to the next level. Parties are not even discussed.

This is why Kimi Raikkonen must have been a mega talent. Despite his sometimes cheeky lifestyle, he won the title. But only one. Although this was enough for him. If Kimi had been more disciplined, he would have achieved much more, the former F1 driver is sure.

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