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Matches football live Chelsea sent incorrect documents for Ziyech three times, and the loan to PSG fell through. Parisians are angry

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It has become known why Hakim Ziyech`s transfer to PSG from Chelsea fell through.

Attacking midfielder at PSG on loan without obligation to buy, but the deal fell through because Chelsea was late on deadline.

According to L`Equipe, Chelsea management sent incorrect documents three times, which led to the deal not being closed before the deadline. PSG bosses are very angry with Chelsea.

In addition, the delay is due to the fact that the Londoners have been trying for a long time to convince PSG to include a buyout option in the lease agreement.

Today the Parisians will try to appeal to the French league, but the chances of its satisfaction are low.

This season, the 29-year-old footballer has 1 assist in 15 matches mentioned by buy football predictions for Chelsea in all competitions. His statistics are available .

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