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Live football match Alcaraz to Zverev: I`m sure tennis will give you the opportunity to win a Slam very soon

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Carlos Alcaraz gave a championship prediction by partners of soccer live matches speech after winning Roland Garros.
In the final she beat Alexander Zverev - 6:3, 2:6, 5:7, 6:1, 6:2.

First of all, congratulations to Sasha on a great start to the season, great tennis, a great tournament. You play and work at an incredible level every day and you give it your all. You suffered a serious injury this year and have come through an incredible journey since it. I am sure that tennis will give you the opportunity to win a Slam very soon.

My team did an incredible job. We`ve had a lot of problems the last couple of months. Injury, we played in Madrid, although I didn`t feel very well. Then I came here without sufficient preparation.

I`m glad I have such a team. I know that every person in it gives their all so that I can grow as a player and as a person. I am very grateful. And I call you a team, but you are my family. Thanks a lot.

I want to talk a little about my family. I was lucky that many relatives came - mom, dad, brothers. It`s amazing that you came and supported me. But even when you don`t support me in the stands, I know that you are rooting for me on TV, at home. I always feel your amazing support.

I have said many times that as a child I ran from school to watch this tournament. And now I`ve won it. So thank you for everything and for the amazing journey, " Alcaraz said at the awards ceremony.

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