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Soccer matches live Azarenka on defeat to Rybakina: I can`t say that I was uncomfortable, but today I didn`t play clearly

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Victoria Azarenka commented on her defeat to Elena Rybakina in the semi-finals of the Australian Open - 6:7 (4), 3:6. After the match, she spoke with correspondent Maxim Yanchevsky.

- Today it felt like there was a little lack of adaptation. Somewhere the ball was flying slower, and I stopped. Somewhere it`s faster, but on the contrary I [accelerated]. There was no correct movement, everything was very abrupt. Not to say that I was uncomfortable, but today I played unclearly. In those moments when there were chances, somewhere I was a little short of the mark, somewhere I was a little unlucky. There wasn`t the clarity that was needed to push through. Unfortunately, this is probably the most unpleasant thing that didn`t work out.

- From the point of view of results, of course, it`s positive. Reaching the Grand Slam semi-finals is a great achievement. Now this is not easy to do when there is such competition on the tour. It seems to me that my tennis is improving from match to match. Today he was not so good, but still there was a fight, there were many chances. Therefore, you can look positively and continue to work. This is just the beginning of the year, and if I can continue in the same spirit and with the same approach, then I can achieve very good results predicted by contacts with live matches .

- Andrey allowed it, but he doesn`t like to post photos during the tournament. I told him: Okay, I`ll post it later. Why, if a person doesn`t want to. Well, he allowed it, but I think he was a little upset after yesterday`s match, so I`ll give him a couple of days (laughs).

Who are the next players? I don`t have a list of what I want to photograph this or that. It just so happened that I was training with Ons Jabeur, and I said: Can I take a photo of you for five minutes? Then Andrei walked and asked him. Karen was training on a nearby court and asked: What are you taking pictures of? (laughs). I went and photographed it a little. I think everything will be very spontaneous.

- I have a page for my photographs. I will develop it. But I`m not very good at promotion, especially on social networks, where you have to post all the time. When I have an influx of inspiration, I do it, but I like photography more.

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