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Football matches live England players have been ordered to patrol their homes around the clock and intercept parcels following the robbery at Sterling`s home

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England players have safety concerns following the robbery of Raheem Sterling`s home.

Before the 2022 World Cup round of 16 match analyzed by livescore soccer between England and Senegal (3-0), it became known that the winger would miss the game. It was later revealed that this was related to a robbery at his London home. Sterling flew to England to support his family.

His fiancee Paige Millien and three children were at home when gunmen broke in.

According to The Telegraph, England players have increased security measures in their homes and for their families.

The footballers have instructed their agents to ensure 24-hour patrols of homes, intercepting parcel delivery attempts and keeping an eye out for any unusual or suspicious activity.

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