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Matches live Daniel Ricciardo: I would accept Stroll`s apology, I`m not such an asshole. But there wasn`t even that

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Ricciardo was ready to make peace with Stroll after the accident in China.
RB driver Daniel Ricciardo said that Aston Martin rival Lance Stroll did not apologize to him for the incident in Shanghai, despite the Australian`s readiness for dialogue.

At the Chinese Grand Prix, Stroll crashed into Ricciardo before the restart and Daniel was subsequently forced to retire.

Have we clarified the situation? I would say no, because it seems to be a dead end. I can accept the apology, I`m not that much of an asshole. But the fact that even that didn`t happen. . . Obviously, he doesn`t think he did anything wrong. What else can you say?

Of course, if we`re sitting next to each other at a pilot briefing and he wants to talk, I won`t ignore him or anything like that.

When I was younger, I was probably more stubborn and didn`t always apologize for my mistakes. But in recent years, if I`m taking out someone or even a 50/50 situation, I`ll say: Look, I probably could have handled it better, sorry for ruining your day. I`m just sending a message to clear things up.

We are all competitors, but we shouldn`t make enemies for ourselves. I won`t say that he is an enemy or anything like that. It`s an accident, we move on. But you reap what you sow. And he didn`t even say in person: Dude, I`m sorry, I was looking somewhere else, you braked really hard and it caught me off guard. At least something.

But it`s okay. Yes, we are now discussing the situation, but, of course, I have left it behind, " Daniel noted before the Miami Grand Prix.

Stroll himself did not say whether he had contacted Ricciardo:

The question is not for this place. These things are done behind closed doors.

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